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Our birthday concert:

Bach Consort Wien celebrates its 20th anniversary

Musikverein: Händel with great Clarity


The period orchestra Bach Consort Wien celebrated its 20th anniversary together with excellent singers.

It felt just like putting the wedding dress back on after 20 years: Rubén Dubrovsky opened the celebratory concert “20 Jahre Bach Consort Wien” reminding the audience of past programmes performed by the orchestra. Not only were favourite instrumental pieces put together for this birthday concert, but singers who over the years have become friends and mentors joined in as well.

After a brilliant and very dynamic concerto grosso “La follia” by Francesco Geminiani, which showcased a splendid dialogue between the different groups of instruments, the programme offered a variety of arias by Bach, Händel and Riccardo Broschi.


The orchestra, highlighting the folklore moments of Georg Muffats “Sonata V”, proved to be not only an excellent accompaniment to the singers, but also an incredibly homogeneous ensemble full of energy and sparkling joy. (tst)

“Die Presse”, printed edition, 22.10.2019

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